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Marketing translation

When localising or globalising your content you need trans-creation, rather than just translation. Our marketing translation services involve a full semantic review and adaptation of the content to make sure it engages your intended audience.

Creative content adaptation

This is a marketing translation service that we offer to help organisations overcome the localisation and globalisation conundrum. We create content that engages and sells either globally or locally, understanding that each challenge calls for a different approach.

The globalisation challenge

English is the global lingua franca. It is incredibly rich in terms of concepts yet plain at the same time. Many non-English-speaking businesses that try to market globally fail miserably in their initial efforts. They believe they merely need to translate their existing copy.

The globalisation challenge occurs when this existing copy is full of tired clichés,  which are simply not used in modern English. The copy may also use the  grammar and style of the source, which may be too rigid and formal. This is often the case in Eastern European countries who have no plain writing culture and tend to use very formal modes of expression. When translated, such content not only fails to attract any global following, but may even give the impression of oddity and incompetence.

This is why you need your content re-written by native copy writers, instead of merely translating what has always been used.

Our team of UK-based copy editors will re-write your translated copy using plain yet engaging language.

The localisation challenge
Conversely, international companies often struggle to engage regional and local audiences. This because their copy is full of English buzzwords, which are dense in meaning, and common phrases that are not necessarily used in the target markets.

You need a thorough transcreation and semantic analysis, to ensure marketing translation services produce optimal results. When texts are faithfully translated, the resulting copy often does not resonate with the audience and may be perceived as clumsy. To avoid this trap, we always start with comprehensive semantic analysis. This often means simplifying the source text before translation. This simple strategy has offered excellent results, winning us kudos from our clients' local reviewers.