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Technical translation

Benefit from translation memory, as you save time and money on text repetitions. We can translate every type of technical documents in any format: from software to manuals to engineering documents.

Translation memory cuts cost, improves consistency

Technical texts often contain many repetitions and often require regular updates, so we use translation memory to speed up the work and ensure perfect accuracy and consistency every time. In providing technical translation services, we use TM software, which can handle the majority of file formats.

When using these tools, a translated segment is sent to the translation memory. This segment is automatically offered the next time a similar text appears for translation. In addition, all numbers, codes and other data are uploaded automatically, along with terms entered in previous translations.

Translation consistency

This process of translation memory ensures that all terms and segments that are similar will remain consistent throughout the text, even when several translators work on it simultaneously. This also prevents clerical errors in the transposition of numbers and codes. The text is translated in the software environment, after which quality assurance professionals perform checks before  the text is exported back into the original format.

If the same original document is updated in the future, like in the case of a catalogue, the translation of the updated version will be much faster and will cost less.

Lower cost

Since technical translation services involve repetitions and some tasks are automated, this often means our clients benefit from substantial reduction in cost.